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Electronic Music - This ring features websites dealing with the creation and distribution of electronic music, such as ambient, atmospheric

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Electronic Music

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Manager: wr__tj
This ring features websites dealing with the creation and distribution of electronic music, such as ambient, atmospheric, techno, synth pop, space rock, and new-age. Information, magazines, and FAQ's about composition using trackers and MIDI software, synthesizer hardware, and more can also be found here. Websites featured include those of home or professional recording artists, their fans, recording labels, studios, or simply users who wish to offer music in MIDI, MP3 or other formats.


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   Medulla Buzz ~ Music For The Thinking Mind Preview Go
This is an original independant band offering band pics, CD's, MP3's, lyrics to our songs, and more.
   Boat Songs & Boat Drinks Preview Go
You might be a parrothead if you click on this site. Okay, maybe just a pirate looking at forty, then! This site features some great boat songs, some of which have been recorded/published via Indie Records. So don't let the muse catch you empty-handed. Get your boat drink (and song) here.
   New Analogue Synths Preview Go
A resource site for those who desire to own and work with analogue synths to create music.

   Lost Bit Preview Go
Dark ambient, IDM, experimental, noise, industrial photos, noisecore pictures, portrait photos, and much more.
   Zenei oldalam Preview Go
music, synthesizers
   Alternative Synthesized Music Preview Go
Alternative Synthesizer Music. Genre : Synthesizer, Piano, Alternative, Ambient, Berlin School, Space, Classical and what lies between or goes further.
   K L Noonan_Xarl the electrocrat Preview Go
One man studio band from Mountlake Terrace, Washington. Guitar, bass, drums and programing / instrumental rock / progressive metal / acoustic guitar / contemporary / Celtic / nature sounds / experimental electronic / industrial / IDM / ambient loops and dubs / planetarium music....
   Yamaha QS300 Resources Preview Go
This web site is dedicated to the amazing little great synthesizer and music workstation Yamaha QS300, a.k.a. "The Ravers' Babe".
   Radio Jungla Preview Go
Ambient, experimental and other electronic songs, loops & samples
   Zero Dimension CDR Preview Go
An annarchist experimental music collective.

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