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Harry Potter Sites United - Linking together Harry Potter sites from around the world.  Discussions about the harry potter movies, fan fiction,

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Harry Potter Sites United

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Linking together Harry Potter sites from around the world.  Discussions about the harry potter movies, fan fiction, actor profiles and pictures.


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   Harry Potter Studio Tour Packages Preview Go
The sleepy Hertfordshire village of Leavesden, just outside of London, is home for the Harry Potter Studios Tours that are giving ordinary muggles like you and me the chance to step into the enchanted world of Hogwarts School.
   Charmed Diagon Alley: Fan Fiction Preview Go
HP fan fiction. I have a few really talented author's up right now. Looking for more people to submit! Come and read some great spins on HP!!
   Amortentia Dolorosa Preview Go
Amortentia Dolorosa, the temptation to love pain, in Wizarding Latin, and a rather apt description of Pureblood feelings in 1974. Of course, whether you take it to mean schadenfreude or masochism is up to you... Players should be over 18, please.

   The Writings of Miss Izzy:Harry Potter Fanfic Preview Go
My Harry Potter Fanfiction.
   Discussion of Harry Potter Books Preview Go
I love the books, but hate the movies as they vary so much from the books. This site is about the books, and only the books.
   The Phoenix's Song Preview Go
A harry potter fanfiction archive that accepts all kinds, and all ratings of fanfiction
   Hogwarts Hall Preview Go
A chat board for evey one the RPG player and the person that wants to just chat
   The Dark Mark Preview Go
The Dark Arts Forum, Dedicated to the Darkness in Harry Potter, We have Fan Fic(adults only and all ages),Fan Art, We love the Dark Men and the Dark Arts , Join us for some Dark Chat! :)
   Triwizard Hogwarts Preview Go
It is a harry potter based rpg with all three schools mentioned in the fourth harry potter book. It even has its own triwizard tournament.
   Phoenix Ashes Preview Go
Mistress Fyre's humble shrine to the adults of Harry Potter. Slytherin friendly!

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