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American Indian Resources - This ring brings together sites that provide resources for or about American Indians and other indigenous cultures of th

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American Indian Resources

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Manager: okieshadow

This ring brings together sites that provide resources for or about American Indians and other indigenous cultures of the Western hemisphere, and that provide cultural and historical accuracy in both content and presentation.


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   Bible Passages in Native American Languages Preview Go
Bible verses that offer hope and salvation through Jesus Christ in Native American languages. For now we have 2 languages there but hope to have more eventually.
   Dreams Poems Prayers and Promises Preview Go
A Native page of poem. thoughts. art, and a view into one two leggeds journey.
   Lucky Man Eagle Gallery - Bald Eagle Art Preview Go
My site honours the spirit of the Bald Eagle and also reflects the Native American code for living on this earth: Treat the earth and all that dwell thereon with respect.

   Outskirts Press Self Publishing Presents Code Talker by Preview Go
Code Talker, A Novel of the Navajo, by Ivon Blum, published by Outskirts Press. A Noble Inquiry into Survival and Belonging. Presents the content of this book which Western Writers of America describes as "A gripping story of persecution, revenge, love, honor and sacrifice."
   On This Date in North American Indian History Preview Go
American Indian History, tribal name meanings, calendar information, links to thousands of sites, and much more
   Spirit Vision Crafts Preview Go
Our multi-tribal family run website provides free links and information related to the Native American people and covers several tribes. This information is here for all who are truly seeking to learn. We are a multi-tribal family so we provide links and information covering several tribes. Though the majority of our site pertains to information, we do have a section that pertains to our business also.
   Sun Spirit - Tetsalgai Preview Go
I am Cherokee, this site honors the Cherokee People. Detailed History, This week in History and more.
This page is the result of my studies and experiences of indigenous cultures and their clash with civilizations, the ongoing struggle, the negative and positive aspects of cultural clash and fusion or diffusion. This study is based upon an analysis of value systems, historical events, social systems and structures and social behavior patterns. To support the thesis that the American Indian culture epitomizes the struggle for the care and sustenance of mother earth, I have included references to several sources in the form of quotes from these sources. Finally this study acknowledges role of the motion picture industry and the power of this medium of the cinema to present to its audience alternate cultures, alternate systems of values, and diversity of human life, behavior and culture, so that an explorer and adventurer can cross the cultural boundaries and create

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