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Abuse of Power !!! - This Ring is for sites exposoning tangible facts about Western Democracies that abuse public office for private gain, co

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Abuse of Power !!!

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This Ring is for sites exposoning tangible facts about Western Democracies that abuse public office for private gain, corrupt or improper practice or custom, human rights' abuse (by the authorities), a lack of (or selective) enforcement, abuse of power by executive or judicial branches, abuse of religion by religious authorities, waste of natural resources, pollution, disinformation, discrimination, covering-up fraud or dangerous experiments, government corruption and sites proposing PRACTICAL ways to IMPROVE the situation.


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Who does abuse Palestinian Children?
Every year about 25,000 Palestinian kids are sent to paramilitary summer camps, where they learn fun stuff like how to kill Jews. Their goal is Palestine from the sea to the river.
Stop The Abuse of Power
Site dedicated to righting wrongs (especially to stop power abuse by the "legal" systems) and expose the hypocrisy of the "peaceful" and "human" Western Civilizations. Remember the saying, "When Spiders Unite, They Can Tie Down a Lion!" (Ethiopian Proverb)
Israeli Police abuses speedtraps; Marksman LTI 20-20
We do not condone excessive speeding. However we condemn the method and the manners abused by the Israeli Police in their attempt to enforce speeding - using the lasergun, Marksman LTI 20-20. Website contains links to and excerpts from Israeli papers, an expert witness opinion, (Israeli) court decisions and more. . .
My Two Cents
EVIL begins to exist when someone abuses power. The "Western Civilization" with the force of financial power controls what we think and how we think and when we think it. Could this evil be abolished?
Abuse of Power, Yahoo! for starter
Absolute power corrupts absolutely! This page (focusing on Yahoo! abusing its own power) links to the huge "Stop Abuse" site AND ring, as well as related webRings - all exposing the hypocrisy of our cultures: abusing "religious" power to control "human" society, worshipping "peaceful" corporations and rotten governments. I'm still searching for an understanding%

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Abuse of Power !!!

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