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Phonograph - A ring for anyone who collects, repairs, and sells phonographs, gramophones cylindera  and 78 records.  

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A ring for anyone who collects, repairs, and sells phonographs, gramophones cylindera  and 78 records.



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Victrola VV 4-40
A view of a beauty at home! The Victrola VV 4-40 built 1927.
MC PRODUCTIONS Vintage Music Page
M.C.Productions is dedicate to preserving and re-issuing recordings from the 78 rpm era.My extensive catalog covers most kinds of music,spoken word,opera,jazz,novelty,personalities,dance and more....
This is the Jazz Webpage from Argentina, and being so, has an emphasis on 78s released here (many of them issued ONLY for its market as will be seen). The files are in Real Audio or mp3 format downloadable with a click in the respective image. The visitors can also Email me their comments; your opinion counts and requests are taken into account. Titles are in Spanish for the majority of items but the English version is included along with some discographical info for the most curious, so enjoy the listening!
This site is for people who share my nostalgia. Who want to save the originality of the recorded music, from opera to blues jazz R&R aso, in the digital wasteland of today and pass it on to posterity.
Phono-holics Anonymous
Phono-holics Anonymous - a safe place to talk about those talking machines. Collections, resources, tips, and tidbits for fellow phono-holics. Even a Therapist to help you through the tough times.

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